Cornell Fall Open (September 8-9)

The Cornell fall Open this weekend was a little disappointing due to the small number of races sailed, only 4 in each division, and the wind was not very good this weekend either averaging not much more than 4 knots. None the less RPI placed 12th out of 16 teams with Kevin Petrikas and Catalina sailing A fleet, and Logan Shire, Spencer Lee, and Kenny Lush in B fleet.

From Cornell:

Saturday: “Two A Division races were held in great conditions.  During the rotation breeze started to pick up quickly as a front was moving in.  Race 1B was canceled at the weather mark and sailors went in to wait for the system to pass.  Sailors headed back on the water for racing in a light southerly breeze and two B races were completed.”

Sunday: “A division was postponed on the water until a light northerly filled in.  Two races were completed.  B division headed out on the water and were able to complete two races, the second of the two in some heavy rain.  When the rain passed, so did our chance to get anymore racing in and the regatta was called with 4 races completed in each division.”


By: Kevin Petrikas

KP Dinghy Open (October 22-23)

One of the biggest regattas RPI competed in this season, Kings Point had 20 FJs and 20 420s out on the water this weekend. Kevin Petrikas and Casper Clausen were in A fleet sailing FJs, and Alex and Don were in B fleet in 420s. Kevin Petrikas was having an off day, his first time skippering a FJ, and the light shifty winds were not helping. Alternatively RPI was looking relay good in B fleet with solid placement through Saturday. On Sunday light winds canceled racing for the day and Saturday’s scores stood. RPI finished in 13th out of 19 teams.

By: Kevin Petrikas

NY Maritime North #2 (October 15-16)

Winds were high on Saturday & Sunday during New York Maritimes North 2. With the average wind for the weekend at around 16-22 knots and gusts of much more, and with the current ripping at NYM the RPI team was struggling to shine. Racing was canceled early on Saturday so the team took the subway to Grand Central in NYC with the team from Rochester University and explored the city, a great end to a hectic day of sailing. Eddie Einhaus & Alex Benoit were in the A boat for the weekend and Kevin Petrikas and Greg Pitner were in B fleet.

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By: Kevin Petrikas

Larchmont yacht club & Stormy Trysail Foundation Big Boat Regatta (October 8-9)

The RPI Sailing Team sailed John Koten’s J105 “Planet Claire” (USA 630) in in the words largest Intercollege regatta this weekend, with over 400 college sailors and 47 offshore boats. The Intercollege regatta sponsored by the Stormy Trysail Foundation and hosted by Larchmont yacht club is an event to remember, and is always ranked as college sailings #1 regatta.

Lilli Neville, RPI’s skipper for the weekend, led the team to 8th place out of 15 teams in the J105 division. With the help of Kevin Petrikas on main, Eddie Einhaus as trimmer (Jib and spin), Kenny Lash on throw, Greg Pitner on pit, and Catalina Gambra as bow.

This year’s Stormy Trysail regatta was pledged with light wind and fast moving current. Because of the wind RC was only able to get off 3 races on Saturday (and had to call all races on Sunday due to lack of wind).

Link to regatta page (hosted by the Stormy Trysail Foundation)


Maritime Fall Open (September 17-18, 2011)

Maritime Fall Open started off on Saturday with a ripping current and light shifty breeze (6-10 knots) made for big gains and big losses. Lilli Neville skippered A fleet with Catalina Sposato and Greg Pitner skippered B fleet with Kevin Petrikas. With Sunday came more wind and more shifts with the average wind speed around 10-15 knots. RPI was plagued with boat contact this weekend bringing down scores. Coach Dan Hesse came down to the race this weekend to give constant feedback, advice, and local knowledge from his alma mater. RPI ended the weekend placing 12th out of 18 teams.
Results Click Here

Cornell Fall Open (September 10-12, 2011)

RPI Sailing Team had its first regatta of the season this weekend (September 10-11th) at Cornell. The wind was light the whole weekend and Cornell postponed Saturday races for 2 hours to wait for the wind to fill. Cornell sent out A fleet in extremely light winds making the race all about the start and keeping speed though the tacks. By the time B fleet went out the wind had built to around 7-10 and light hiking was needed though some puffs. The day ended with RPI in 6th. Sunday started off with similar conditions, winds were even lighter and B fleet races turned into drifters with huge advantages due to the wind filling on one side of the course or the other. Cornell ended the regatta for the weekend at around 2pm due to an incoming thunderstorm and RPI tied with Villanova for 6th out of 15 teams.

Written by: Kevin


West Point (Army)

West point started off with light winds, ripping current and rainy weather.This one day regatta turned into a game of playing the current with the guidance of our coach Dan Hesse. RPI started off the day a little slow getting used to Army’s FJs and continually moved up the podium to finish off the day with a 2nd out of 8 teams. Big thanks to Army for the BBQ lunch, the regatta was well managed despite the rainy weather, and good times had by all.

Written by Kevin

Cornell (North Spring Qualifier)

Saturday started out a little slow with no wind on the lake.  The RPI team prepared for our first regatta of 2011 while trying to stay warm as the wind filled in.  Racing finally started around 11AM and the A shift got some nice races in.  In the afternoon, B boat personally experienced that 25 mph gust and racing was called for the day due to the high winds (and I imagine the cold water!).  Day two started on time and was followed by a good day of racing.  The RPI B boat had some great races taking two firsts for the day! In the end, RPI finished 4th for the event, only one seat off of qualifying for the America’s Trophy Regatta to be held at St. Mary’s in MD.  Overall, this regatta was a great start to our season and we are all looking forward to the rest of the season.  Special thanks to our coach Dan Hesse for couching us through the races!

link to the results:

Written by Lilli

Hobart William Smith

On the weekend of April 16-17, the RPI Sailing Team traveled to Hobart William Smith for a fleet racing regatta.  The sailor included Lilli Neville and Nat McDonald sailing A division with Eddie Einhaus and Kevin Petrikas sailing B division.  Saturday was extremely windy with only one A race getting off.  Our A boat ended up pitch-polling around the jib mark and went for an icey 40 degree swim.  Racing was called for the day at 2pm due to high winds that were consistently 18-22mph with gusts up to 45-55mph.  Sunday was a little less windy so that division A was able to finish their set and then sail another while division B sailed two sets as well.  Once again, racers were called off the water for high winds but in the end 6 races were sailed – enough for a full regatta.  In the end RPI finished 10 out of 16 teams.

Link to results:

Written by Lilli